Hello world!

Hello Out There in Blog Land,

I am not your typical university professor…

I know that teachers are the saving grace of our system of education and democracy itself…. I have five kids who have gone through the system… And I have been everything from a teacher, coach, principal, professor, and department chair at the university level.

Education has problems but it is not because of the teachers….

Schooling has problems – But it is not because os the teacher…

I think the system of education has a lot of problems and much of it needs to be replaced by common sense logic. Here are some of my major concerns – all of which will be addressed in up-coming blogs…

1. Homework – The schools have no right to take away my family’s evening time. That is family time. Ask you school or your district if they have ever undertaken a study to determine the efficacy of homework. They haven’t … We have no proof that homework actually works… except for PE homework… What kind of homework is best for what time of student? I think homework is the greatest, most destructive force that has every been established by our government and forced on every family from late August until mid June – And, we have no opportunity to negotiate or bargain about any part of it… So much for parent input in education.

2. Multiculturalism is a step in the wrong direction – Perhaps it was founded on good intentions, but it is not the way to go… I will give you some reasons why and some great ideas for overcoming it…

3. Special education is getting way out of hand … And, I am a professor of special education and two of my brothers died as a result of disabilities… But we are way off beat in this arena…. Inclusion is the big problem – Not the spirit of inclusion … But the misinformed manner in which school are going about it… The very kids for whom it was intended to serve are being harmed… And no one has the courage to stand up and say enough is enough… I will…

4. Schools are zoos – They are obese and bloated! – We need small schools and, until we have them we will have to put up with lots of violence and wasted time in the classroom…. Small is beautiful…

5. Teacher salaries are about one third of what they should be! Teachers deserve so much more than we pay them… And, society needs to understand how significant they are in our culture of freedoms and responsibilities…

6. Classrooms should be a 1:10 ration in K-3, 1:15 in 4-6 and 1:20 at the most from then on…

7. Kids need to be held accountable to basic manners and respect… We have a sloppy parents who fail to discipline their kids and schools need to step in and do the job for them if they won’t … But, most parents have no idea about the basic manners their kids need just to survive in our civilized world…

More to come later… I have so many things to say  – all backed up with logic and facts…



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