Homework – Prove It Works!

Homework Doesn’ t Work

We, the parents and guardians of the children attending schools in our district provide that the following facts be submitted to a candid world.

1. Our evenings, weekends, and holidays belong to our families and our children.

2. Research clearly demonstrates that children:
a. Need time to be children;
b. Should be involved in their community;
c. Need time with their family;
d. Need time to socialize with friends; and,
e. Need time to enjoy life as a child.

3. Parents and guardians have the obligation and the sole authority to encourage
after-school-time pursuits of knowledge. Schools do not have this right.

4. Schools do not have the moral or legal right to invade the privacy of our homes under the pretext of homework or any other after-school activity or event.

5. Schools should cease giving homework immediately since they have no moral or legal right to compel compliance.

6. Homework does not work – there is no research to support the assumption that it facilitates academic achievement or assists in the development of character or virtue.

7. Research has shown that homework has a deleterious effect on the emotional, psychological, physical, social, and mental health of children.

8. Research has shown that when homework is not assigned, children:
a. Watch less television;
b. Talk more with their parents about school;
c. Enjoy their childhood;
d. Engage in child-play with friends; and,
e. Are more well-adjusted.

9. The State has allotted a specific amount of daily, weekly, and yearly time in which to effectively facilitate the student-attainment of specific State standards, and, schools are not allowed or entitled to extend these hours.

10. Credentialed teachers have sufficient knowledge and training to effectively enhance the student construction of knowledge within the time allotted by the State as it relates to the California core curriculum standards.

11. If teachers cannot successfully cover the schools’ explicit curriculum within the time allotted by the State, either the State should re-examine its curricular scope and sequencing, the teachers should be re-tooled, the administration at the school or the district should be replaced, or the teachers should be dismissed. Don’t blame the children or their families. Don’t sacrifice our children on the altar of time.

12. Schools and parents/guardians should encourage after-school reading and studying. Homework should be abolished completely!

13. The abolition of homework would not prohibit parents/guardians from encouraging reading, studying and other academic pursuits.

14. Parents/guardians need to reclaim their children and protect them from the unreasonable demands of a system that has usurped its rightful authority as well as imposed tyrannical mandates on those who were entrusted to her care and protection. Like a Leviathan, the schools have devoured the free time of her subjects enslaving them with rituals and regulations whose validity remains vague and unsubstantiated.

15. The schools assign too much busy-work and, like any other homework assignment, it preempts personal needs and wants as well as all family life. Homework interferes with everything – Yet nothing is allowed to interfere with homework!

As Mark Twain once quipped:
“Don’t let schoolin’ get in the way of your education.”

The Student’s Credo Regarding Homework

Ours is not to question why….
Ours is just to do or die (academically)….

Give To Caesar – That Which Is Caesar’s
And To The Family – That Which Is The Family’s

P.S. It’s Not The Teacher – Its The System – The Schools!


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