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Homework – No More!

Homework Free America

The homework virus, Destructus Familius Americanus, infects 50,000,000 households in America every year from late August to mid June. This virus attaches itself to a host child and is taken into the home in the benign form of schoolwork that must be completed at home, hence, the popular name, “homework.” Its early symptoms include loss of sleep, mild nausea, impatience, anger, confusion, and at times, sever panic attacks. It soon spreads to the entire family causing TFD (Total Family Disorientation). Once infected, TFD interrupts the entire set of family values and priorities. Chores are put off, culture is interrupted, sibbling relationships cease to exist, motherhood is replaced by teacherhood, and fatherhood is denied altogether. The only antidote known is manufactured by and distributed through the Board of Education. Unfortunately for our children, their version of a treatment is to increase the amount of homework in an attempt to weaken the host and starve the virus. (Satire by Stephen D. Aloia, Ph.D.)


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